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    This great feature adds easy to use notification bars to the top or bottom of your member site pages. Two of these bars are ready to go with pre-loaded content, and you can make as many as you like, or customize with your own message and images, through our Customization Shop. They automatically link to contact forms, or “squeeze pages” you can create, so you can capture your visitors email, build your mailing lists and follow up!

    Heads-Up Bars Feature:

    Customizable color schemes
    Two bars are preloaded and ready: “Join My Newsletter!” and “EmoVite Survey”
    Create as many more as you want in our Customization Shop.
    No limit on bar height, it will just fit your content
    No limit to the amount of text or links in a bar
    Add images to bar
    Can use “shortcodes” in bar
    If there is more than one bar then the bars will display randomly
    Schedule when your bars show up by setting a start and end date.
    The Bar can be set to expire on a specified date
    The Bar can be set to start on a specified date
    The Bar can be set to run between specified dates
    Choose where to display bars:
    Choose between the top or the bottom of a page to display your bar
    Display on all pages
    Display only on the interior pages of your website
    Display only on the home page
    Allow your users to hide or show the Heads Up Bar


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